Friday 26 July 2013

A Secret Love - An Excerpt

As I'm sure you're all aware by now, my latest release is a short story called A Secret Love. 

A Secret Love was released by Evernight Publishing in July and is about a couple who have long been forced to hide their relationship from everyone around them. For years they have only been able to meet up when their schedules allow. Fortunately for them, they only have six months of secrecy left before they can run away from the lives they know and move abroad so they can be together all the time. They meet up in a remote hotel in the Scottish highlands to discuss their plans and spend some much needed time together, but things in life don't always go according to plan...

I'm really proud of A Secret Love. So proud, in fact, that I would love to share an excerpt from the story with you. Humour me, won't you?!

A Secret Love - Excerpt

Mark returned the kiss passionately. James trembled in his arms. Tension coursed through his body and he could feel it mirrored in Mark’s. He could almost taste the other man’s nerves in his kiss. James savoured Mark’s strong arms around him. He pushed his hands inside Mark’s suit jacket and clung to the warm, toned body underneath. The body was so familiar despite the amount of time that had passed since their last meeting.
            “God I’ve missed you,” James said when he finally pulled away. Mark was breathless and didn’t respond at first, but the sexy, playful smile on his lips told James everything he needed to know. James took his hands and led him further into the room.
            It was a large suite with living area and a huge bathroom. Mark swung a new sports bag, bright orange and emblazoned with sponsorship logos, off his shoulder and dumped it onto one of the two couches. He paused momentarily, reaching into his suit pocket.
James watched as Mark pulled out his phone and turned it off without checking for messages. He waited patiently until Mark had tucked it safely into his bag and smiled at him when he had finished. “Difficult getting away this time?” he asked.
            Mark nodded. “I left as soon as I could. I was so scared I was going to miss the flight. I’m sorry it had to be mid-week this time. Will you get in trouble at work?”
            “I have the flu.”
            Mark smirked. “You look perfectly healthy to me.”
            “It came on all of a sudden,” James said, closing the space between them. “Unexpected. Probably be gone in a few days. You know how these things are.” Mark nodded and James slipped into his arms once more. With his head on Mark’s shoulder, he turned to whisper against the other man’s neck. “I wouldn’t have been able to stand it if you had missed the flight, if you had cancelled. It’s been so long. It’s always so long.”

A Secret Love is available now from all good eBook retailers, including Amazon and Evernight Publishing

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