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J.R.Gray - Illicit Activity

Today, J.R. Gray is dropping by to share a little excerpt from her new story Illicit Activity. Check it out below, and on Evernight Publishing's website

Oh, and unlike most things at this time of year, it's free. That's nice, isn't it?!

Thanks for stopping by J.R. and from both of us, thank you lovely reader for stopping by too. I hope December's treating you all well. 


The Christmas season is fast approaching for Jesse Goldmen and George Sirus, and their forced break up weighs heavily on their sanity. Trying to keep a connection alive is almost impossible as they turn to stolen late night dinners and secret meetings, which never seem enough.

Zac Goldmen takes an interest in George’s slave, Elliot. Being told no only makes Zac want Elliot more, so he starts a ridiculous campaign to try and shock and charm Elliot into bed. But his advances are put on hold when Elliot gets outed in the aftermath of the blackmail scandal, causing a big media storm for him and his father the Vice President.

Kennedy seeks solace from Zac, when things just get too much for her, bringing out his hidden caring side. Zac finds himself torn between being a friend and an easy hook up. Determined to see Elliot and bring him some holiday spirit, Zac starts a battle of wits with George. Will George be able to outsmart Zac, and keep him away from Elliot, for


The doorbell rang early in the morning. Elliot had finished his chores and was sitting on the floor next to the fire, working on his homework. There was no one else in the penthouse, and he wasn’t expecting anyone. When he wrenched open the heavy, ornate door he found Zac, Jesse’s brother, staring back at him wearing fireman pants and suspenders to hold them up. His body was smeared with charcoal, and he looked oiled. Elliot was entirely confused. 

“The exact face I wanted to see.” 

“Can I help you, Sir?” Elliot reverted to his training.
“Yes, I have a hose that needs servicing.” Zac grinned wickedly. 

Elliot tried not to let the shock show on his face. “I’m sorry, the King is out. Can I take a message?” He shifted and squirmed, getting flustered at the seeming advance from the beautiful redhead. 

“I didn’t want it from him.” The bulge in Zac’s pants was noticeable, and Elliot tried not to stare. “And I knew he was gone.” 

“How did you know he was gone?” 

“I watched his car through the camera I installed above his parking space ‘til it left.” He flattened out his mouth and raised both brows like it was no big deal. 

Elliot stared. 

About the Author
When not staying up all night writing, J.R Gray can be found basking in the warm glow of the Miami sun, or at the gym where it's half assumed Gray is a permanent resident. A dominant, pilot, and sword fighting enthusiast, Gray finds it hard to be in the passenger seat of any car. Gray frequently interrupts real life, including normal sleep patterns, to jot down nonsense. The bane of Gray's existence are commas, and even though it's been fully acknowledged they are necessary, they continue to baffle and bewilder. 

If Gray wasn't writing…well, that's not possible. The buildup of untold stories would haunt Gray into an early grave or possibly a mental institution where the tales would end up on the walls in crayon and finger paint.

Find J.R. Gray online:
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Wednesday 29 October 2014

Whitley Gray - An Interview

Today, it is my great pleasure to welcome the author of Crash Pad, Whitley Gray to the blog. Whitley has kindly agreed to an interview. Read on to find out, amongst other things, what makes this writer write!

Let’s start with the basics. Why write?
I’m a voracious reader. I read so many books I decided I wanted to give it a try. Technical writing is part of my job, but I wanted to get back to fiction, like I’d written as a kid.

And why did you write this book? Why now?
In Denver, Washington Park is full of people pursuing various physical activities, like biking and running. I wanted to write a story where two guys met in an unconventional way: not on a blind date or at a bar or through friends. Crash Pad is the story of an accidental meeting—literally. A runner and a rollerblader “crash” into each other.

Summer inspired me to write this story, although I had originally begun it in January when the weather was cold. I put it aside until summer hit, and then finished it up.

Are you ever conscious of wanting to share a message through your work? If so, what is it? 
No, no message. I write because I enjoy it. Interpersonal relationships are fascinating.

If I gave you permission to rewrite the first book you ever had published, would you? 
The first was a serial story called Meredith Medical Center. Yes, I probably would rewrite that, as it was erotica. I’d like to pull out a couple of the characters and flesh out their backstories and evolving relationship beyond the sex.

Are you the same author now as you were when you started? Definitely not. I’ve evolved into an M/M only writer at this point. And I like to think I’m getting better with every book.

It’s Friday night and I’m going to give you two hundred quid to spend getting up to whatever mischief you want. Which of your characters are you going to take with you and what are you going to do? 
Hmm…I’d say Errol from Midwinter Night’s Dream. I’d like to see the stage play he wrote.

And finally. In a world where you and your characters co-exist, who would be your best friend, and whose invitation to dinner keeps getting lost in the mail? 
My best friend would be Ash from Rabbit Wars; he’s a chocolatier and a fabulous dessert maker. The one who I’d never accept would be Xav-D, the Valentine killer from High Concept. Of course, he’s in prison, so dinner might be tough. 

Thanks so much for stopping by Whitley, and thanks for sharing an excerpt from Crash Pad with us! 

Physician Remy Marshall has two loves: Emergency Medicine and running. Work doesn’t leave much time to meet guys, and most seem more interested in his bank account than him. With a week off to train for a marathon, Remy plans to make the most of his precious vacation. The last thing he needs is a distraction.

Jamie Sutton is new to the area. He hopes to make a fresh start after leaving an abusive relationship with an orthopedic surgeon. He’s got a new job as a massage therapist and wants to meet some nice guys. Against his better judgment, Jamie decides the best way to meet a cute rollerblader he’s seen in the park is on wheels. 

With attention on his watch and not where he’s going, Remy crashes into Jamie and fractures the first-time rollerblader’s ankle. Jamie has no one to help him after the injury; Remy proposes Jamie stay with him. Jamie is reluctant, but it’s a better option than staying with the odd guy in the neighboring motel room. As the two get acquainted, Jamie’s past comes calling. Remy discovers the prize he really wants isn’t a medal in a marathon, but the man right in front of him.

Excerpt for Crash Pad

What the hell had he been thinking? 

Jamie tottered along on the rollerblades, arms windmilling, wobbling like a man on a three-day drinking spree. A beautiful morning: sky a serene blue, sunlight dappling the lawns with green and gold, the fresh scent of newly mowed grass. All the things he loved about the park on his daily forays. Now all his attention was focused on surviving this excursion into bad judgment. 

The hot-as-Hades helmet and safety gear looked ridiculous. 

Cute Rollerblade Guy didn’t wear all this crap. On the other hand, Cute Rollerblade Guy could skate. That coppery ponytail and beard… Mmm, mmm. Too bad the guy wasn’t a runner like Jamie. It would have been easier to meet him—safer, for sure. A shirtless runner, in shorts. Yeah… 

A girl yelled, “Look out, Mister,” and whizzed by on his right. 

Jamie stuttered on his skates and then got his equilibrium. 

The broad path stretched before him like a concrete snake, a thousand times as long and just as dangerous. Kids half his size zoomed past on their wheels, perfect balance, full of confidence and laughter. He wiped a hand across his sweaty forehead. God, he felt like an inept giant. Might as well be ten and at the roller rink with his sister. Why did adults think this was fun? And why did he feel the need to risk his neck at age twenty-eight? 

Because you want to meet Cute Rollerblade Guy. 

He coasted forward a few feet—too fast, too fast—and grabbed on to a light pole. Yeah, this would impress the man. Two miles an hour, gyrating like a weathervane in a wind storm. Can anyone say idiot? There had to be a better way.

His truck was at least half a mile away in the east lot. Okay, he had a choice: take off the blades and walk in his stocking feet to the parking area or suck it up and blade there. Wouldn’t take that long, just a few minutes. Or hours. Or days. He blew out a breath. Cute Rollerblade Guy hadn’t showed yet. Maybe he’d skate past before Jamie either reached the parking lot or sustained a grievous injury. A glance to the right, and he cautiously re-entered the foot, bike, and blade traffic. 

* * * * 

Two miles to go. 

Remy’s running shoes slapped on the asphalt path through the park. As he passed the mile marker, he glanced at his watch. Seven minutes for the last mile. To be competitive in next month’s marathon, he’d need to get it down to six and a half. He hit the Reset button and picked up the pace. A little crowded on the path, but otherwise a perfect day to add a couple of miles onto his usual six. They’d had snow last year at this time. Old Man Winter had blessed them with one last blizzard on Memorial Day before going into hibernation. 

This afternoon, people packed the recreation areas around the lake. Screeches and laughter came from the playground. The fragrance of grilled steak wafted over from the picnic area, and his stomach growled. Remy shook out his hands. On pace for six and a half minutes. Good. 

By the time he got home, he’d need to rush through his shower to get ready for tonight. The guy Brett planned to introduce him to better be worth the trouble. A double date/blind date for dinner wasn’t Remy’s idea of a good time. Of course, alone at home wasn’t any better. If the guy turned out to be a dud, Remy could claim a headache and leave early. As he turned the corner, the sun flashed in his eyes. He ducked his head, squinted at his watch, and kept running. 


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Loose Id

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Lea Bronsen - The Perfect Shoot

Today, I welcome Lea Bronsen back to the blog. She's kindly agreed to let me interview her so read on to find out why, and what, Lea writes and for a sneaky look at a new extract from her latest book!

First things first, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I like my reads fast, hot, and edgy, and strive to give my own stories the same intensity. After venturing into dirty inner-city crime drama with my debut novel Wild Hearted, I divide my writing time between psychological thriller, erotic contemporary romance, and dripping erotica.

Q) Let’s start with the basics. Why write?

I love playing with words, love plotting multi-layered stories, love developing characters, love creating drama, and more than anything, I love being part of the writing and publishing community. The feedback from readers, fellow authors, reviewers, editors, and publishers in the two years following my first release has been so gratifying and encouraging, I can’t imagine not writing!

Q) And why did you write this book? Why now?

I got the idea for the Hot Model Mine series, “erotic romance author meets cover model of her book”, in March and decided to explore it. Not that I didn’t already have enough works in progress, lol, but once I started visualizing some of the scenes—the hotter ones, may I add—I had to give it top priority and knew I could get book one written relatively quickly.

Q) Are you ever conscious of wanting to share a message through your work? If so, what is it?

Yes, I have some pretty strong socio-political opinions and, in the beginning, used my writing to get messages “out to the world”. These included deep-felt sympathy, acceptance and respect (not just superficial tolerance) for society pariahs such as the poor and the persecuted in general, Native Americans and the Romani in particular, alcoholics, drug addicts, the homeless, the lonely, the mistreated, the abused... I’ve also discussed fathers’ rights, children’s rights, single parents’ rights, gay and bisexuals’ rights, the sick/disabled and elderly’s rights... To mention just a few!

Q) If I gave you permission to rewrite the first book you ever had published, would you?

Funny you should ask, as I’m halfway through comprehensive editing of my debut novel. Almost two years after its publication, I’ve learned enough about the writing craft to take upon myself the task of cleaning and tightening it. Does that sound pretentious?

That doesn't sound pretentious at all! ;-)

Q) Are you the same author now as you were when you started?

No. As mentioned earlier, I started out as an angry writer sending out messages, and now that I’ve gotten some of those off my chest, I’ve become a calmer person writing stories for the fun of it and focusing on quality. I’ve also acquired a much-needed dose of self-esteem lately, upon receiving Evernight’s special honor Editor’s Pick. It means I’m not questioning my writing abilities nearly as much as I used to, and I trust my author “flair” a lot more. 

Q) It’s Friday night and I’m going to give you two hundred quid to spend getting up to whatever mischief you want. Which of your characters are you going to take with you and what are you going to do?

Oh, tough question. Mischief? I think I’d invite Shawn Torien, the rock star hero of my second book My Biggest Fan, because that boy is bound to bring out the best in me. Not! *laughs* First we’d get drunk senseless, and then we’d go to the coolest rock ‘n roll tattoo shop, ha ha!

Q) And finally. In a world where you and your characters co-exist, who would be your best friend, and whose invitation to dinner keeps getting lost in the mail?

My bestie would probably be Luz from Wild Hearted. She resembles me in so many ways, likes the same things, and has the same political views. We’d have tons of stuff to talk about. Whereas her boyfriend, the shrewd gangster Tomor, is a walking disaster with no social skills!

Thank you so much for having me, Douglas! Cool questions. You're very welcome! Great interview!

Here’s a little info about my new release, The Perfect Shoot (Hot Model Mine 1):

When Andrea Johnson, writing as author Cindy Vega, signed up for a Meet & Greet with the cover model of her latest book, she didn’t expect sparks to fly. Yushka is dangerously good-looking and too young for her. But their connection is instantaneous, and during a photo shoot with the two, the photographer picks up on their growing attraction. Seeing the potential for the cover photo of the century, he decides to push their comfort limits...

An assistant calls Yushka’s name. Bare-chested, the Asian hunk appears from a group of models, strolls to the spotlights, and waits in front of the camera with the confident stance of a professional. 

The whole place quiets as if in awe. He’s unbelievably beautiful with his tanned, bulging muscles and washboard-abs-to-die-for. When photographer Lemaître asks him to undo his hair, a black waterfall lands on his shoulders and down his back. A few muffled feminine squeals fill the silence. 

One by one, authors whose books he appears on get a few pictures taken with him in flattering positions, wrapping their arms around his back or swallowed up in his embrace, beaming like schoolgirls at their first prom.

Jealousy rips through me so violently I can barely breathe, but my time is up soon, and I hate that even more. I’m non-photogenic, and seeing pictures of myself makes me sick. I’ve chosen a sexy, black top and matching short skirt for the occasion, but looking my best doesn’t help. My stomach ties in a knot. 

“Cindy Vega,” an assistant calls.

Fuck, that’s me. I’m dead.

“Go,” Laurie says, giving me a small push.

All muscles tense, I leave my safe corner and join Yushka. He greets me with a placid face, but from the warmth in his pupils, I get a feeling he’s glad to see me. Side by side, narrowing our eyes from the piercing light, we face Lemaître and wait for orders. 

Damn. Being so near Yushka’s naked torso is unbearable, as is the heat from the lamps shining on us. Sweat beads roll down the sides of my chest, between my breasts. He endures, too. A thin film of sweat coats his golden skin, making it glow, but he doesn’t seem bothered.

Lemaître clears his throat. “Bon. Stand a little closer. Cindy, this is for Eden Luna Publishing’s website. Officially, we want authors happily meeting their cover models, but off the record, we want sensual, we want heat. Readers will get off seeing your pictures like they do reading your books.”

Stiff as a rod, I nod agreement. I’d half expected this. Problem is, I hate being in the spotlight with so many people watching, and I hate the notion of having my photo all over the internet.

“Sooo,” he continues, “I will ask you to just stand like this, facing me, and smile. That is all. Yushka knows what he has to do.”


Turning to my side, Yushka puts a hot hand on my stomach and the other on the small of my back. Though light, his touches destabilize me, as does the warm, musky scent sneaking to my nostrils. 

“Closer,” Lemaître orders. “Bodily contact.”

Shit, I’m fucked. 

The stud radiates heat as he approaches, sweaty chest sticking to my arm, heart beating against my skin. His crotch barely brushes my hip, but each pore in my body becomes acutely aware of him, on high alert. As last night’s intense arousal replays in all of me, my inner thighs clench with renewed want. 

Whispers and low chuckles sound from both sides of the vast lobby. I try to forget the hundred eyes following my every move, but can’t help being distracted, bathed in full light and painfully self-conscious. 

“That is better.” Like a shooting gun, Lemaître’s camera clicks and the flash blinds me repetitively. “Now, give him a smile, Cindy. You know the kind I want.”

My throat so dry I can’t speak, I turn to Yushka.

He’s very near, inches from my face, black pupils gleaming with mischief. Sweat pearls on his face, making him look sexier than ever. Long, black hairs glue to his forehead and cheeks. He smells of soap, his close shave making him look baby-faced. 

Seemingly at ease, the heaving of his chest regular, he stares into my eyes. I can’t believe his confidence. Modelling is his profession, but how does he stay so fucking calm?

“You wanna give me a smile?” he whispers, warm breaths brushing my chin. Behind me, his large hand sneaks lower and palms my butt cheek. With that and his other fingers splaying on my stomach, he pulls me to him, making me feel the entire length and…hardness…of his cock on my hip. 

I suck in a breath. 

His lips curl up in a self-satisfied grin. “Hm, Andrea? You wanna give me a smile?”

Oh my fucking God. I can’t help but obey while my insides go up in flames. 

Flashing his teeth, he kneads my ass with a strong hand and pushes his full erection against me. He knows what he’s doing, the devil. He knows slowly rubbing me with his cock turns my pussy to burning liquid.

Somewhere, a feminine gasp breaks the silence, followed by contained laughter.

“Très bien, we have a smile,” Lemaître says, camera clicking, flash shooting. “Thank you, Cindy, that will be enough. Next!”
Still grinning and holding my look, Yushka slowly backs off, leaving chillier air between us. 

I’m frozen. In shock, lust, need. 

“Come on, move it!” Lemaître calls. “We don’t have all day.”  

No shit.

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Donina Lynn - Curse Of The Beast

Hello lovely people! Can you believe it's Wednesday already? The weekend is almost here! But, if for you this week is dragging in then I think I might have a little something to cheer you up. 

Donina Lynn is here today to share her new paranormal romance, Curse Of The Beast, with us and, as if that wasn't enough, she's also running a competition at the moment. The prize? A $25 Amazon gift card. Read on to find out how to enter! Take it away Donina. 

He wants revenge. She wants to save him from what he’s determined to become.

Thank you for having me here today! I’m so excited to be sharing my first paranormal romance with you! 

Curse Of The Beast is a story about how life can throw so much in your direction that you’re ready to wave the white flag and surrender. Grayson, our shapeshifting hero, has not only reached that point, he’s been pushed over it when his father is murdered. Grayson is alone, angry, tired of struggling and is more than ready to give up everything. That is, until, he meets the one person that can show him there is still something worth fighting for—love. 

I hope you enjoy the story and make sure you take a moment to head on over and like my new Facebook author page HERE!

Everyone that does is automatically entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Winner to be announced on Halloween! Good Luck! ☺ 

All of his life, Grayson Blackpaw lived by the rules of the half-breeds. He heeded the warnings and fought to keep the animal within under control, only to have his father murdered by the very thing his kind could never harm. Even if it means cursing himself to spend the rest of his days as a beast, Grayson was going to find the human responsible and make them pay—with their life.

Shapeshifters exist. Summer Jenkins wouldn’t have believed it herself, if she hadn’t watched a cougar change into a man before her very eyes. It doesn’t hurt when the man is as delectable as Grayson, either. Utterly droolworthy, Grayson sends her pulse racing and her heart But when Grayson admits that he’s willing to give up everything for the sake of revenge, will love be enough or can nothing stop the curse of the beast?

Summer inched over on the couch until her knees brushed against his, and she placed her hand on his thigh. It was a simple gesture of reassurance but the heat of her hand seeped through the denim, branding his skin and shooting higher. Desire flooded his veins and Summer’s breathing hitched when she felt it course through him. “He wasn’t the only one to touch me in some way, Grayson.”

Beginning to slowly make her way up his inner leg, Grayson grabbed her wrist before she closed what little distance there was left. If she made it to her destination, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself. He was already growing rigid in mere anticipation of her touching his length. If she actually made contact, he would lose what little restraint he held on to.

“Summer. I would like nothing more than to pull that dress up, plunge deep inside and take you over and over again, letting you know exactly how much I want you. But, we can’t. I won’t take the chance of hurting you.”

“You’re not going to hurt me. Worrying that you will is enough for me to know that you won’t.”

“You can’t know that because even I don’t. Summer, you need to understand there’s a chance I will do exactly that.” Grayson shook his head and took a breath. He wasn’t sure he could explain the constant battle of wills that had been waging inside of him for as long as he could remember, or how he’d been losing, but he needed to try. It wasn’t him just being overly cautious, there was a real danger. If he lost what little hold he had on the cougar while he was with her, he didn’t know what would or could happen. Grayson didn’t even want to think of the possibilities. “The lure of our animal halves is strong. The more we give in to them, the stronger they become. The stronger they become, the more we give in to them. Without something to stop the progression, the animal and its instincts become the predominant half and slowly overpower the human’s ability to remain in control.”

“So the worst that can happen is you shift into the cougar. I can handle…”

Grayson shook his head to cut her off. That damn stubbornness of hers was more than a little frustrating. “No Summer, you can’t. The worst that can happen is not the cougar. It’s the beast.”

Curse Of The Beast is available now!

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