Saturday 24 August 2013

I didn't mean to ignore you all, but...

I have been rather busy lately! 

In addition to trying to write every day (a habit I was in, but sadly let slide) I have been trying to finish work on my house. Regular stalkers  followers will know by now that my boyfriend and I have been in the process of completing a total redecoration of our house. And I mean total. Unfortunately, although that process has been in itself very rewarding, it has also been time and energy consuming. Now the end is in sight (except for heating. I still have no bloody central heating!) and my attention is turning once more to writing. 

I am still slaving away with a new novel (the one I am referring to as The Flower Farm) and I'm also trying to finish No Other. No Other has a Christmas theme so I am hoping to get it done and dusted soon so it can be winging its way to a publisher by the end of September. Fingers crossed that happens!

Anyway, I wanted to check in with you all and let you know where I'm at. By way of stats, I am focussing the majority of my attention at present on a second rewrite of The Flower Farm and am currently 30,000 words through my 100,000 word manuscript. Tomorrow, I hope to make an even bigger dent in that. 

BUT tomorrow is also barbecue day! 

Every Sunday when there is a race on during the Grand Prix season, my boyfriend and I invite over some friends and try to have a barbecue. Tomorrow will be no different (weather permitting!) So my writing will need to be done in the morning. Boyfriend will be working on finishing off the trim for our new wood flooring and our skirting boards leaving me with time to work. So we'll see...

Anyway. I hope all you lovely people are well. I don't want to take up too much of your time as you really should be out enjoying your weekend and not hanging around on the internet (!) I hope to have more releases to share with you all soon. Things are finally getting back to normal...

Fingers Crossed!

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