Wednesday 28 August 2013

An Idea Out Of Nowhere

At half six this morning I was trundling around the country roads of my little corner of Scotland, making my leisurely way home when an idea came to me. I didn't have any plans for today, and I had dropped my boyfriend at work so I could have the car for the day, but my real intention was to carry on working on my current WIP The Flower Farm. Then, as I was driving a new idea came to me. An idea that I thought would be perfect for a short story. 

And alas, here I sit twelve hours later with 10,500 words worth of first draft for a new short story, and precious little added to The Flower Farm. 

Still, today's idea was one that I just didn't want to let get away. It's very simple (and very sexy) and I can really visualise the finished product which is nice. I'm a little annoyed that I'm lagging further and further behind on my other stories, but this little gem just had to be told. 

As a working title I'm calling it A Really Bad Idea, but as usual that will probably change. It's a short story essentially about a young man who goes to a nightclub with the intention of showing his ex just what he's missing, and then ends up meeting someone who makes him forget his ex entirely. Of course it's more complicated than that (I'll post more under my WIPs section) but that's the basic premise. 

So there you are. Another day and a completely unexpected new story is sitting saved away in the Graveyard folder on my laptop. I hope, although this may be ambitious, to spend tomorrow working on A Really Bad Idea. I think if I work really hard I could end up with a quick turn around on this story which would be lovely. As I said I can really visualise this one and I'm happy with my work so far so we'll keep all things crossed and see what tomorrow things. 

Writing is truly a wonderful, and very surprising, job!

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