Friday 25 July 2014

Raven McAllan Introduces...

Well, yesterday I promised you that the lovely Raven McAllan would be back with us again today, and I always keep my promises! (Just take my word for that. Don't ask my exes...)

This morning, Raven has come to tease us with the blurb and an excerpt from her new release (Out today!) Miss Simpkins School: Jane (published by Breathless Press)

Raven, take the floor!

Miss Simpkins' School for Seduction…
Where seduction is the game, and success is the aim.
This is Jane's story.

Take one virginal widow, add Molly Simpkins' School of Seduction and one obliging gentleman, and what do you get? Scandal avoided and a virgin no more?

Molly Simpkins' School for Seduction has helped many ladies of the ton to achieve their hearts desires, so helping Lady Jane Nicholby ought to be easy.
However this young widow's deep, dark secret means she can never remarry for fear of the scandal it would cause. Widows are not supposed to be virgins, after all.
Fortunately, Molly knows just the person to help her change this state of affairs. Persuading Luke De Freitas to fall in with her plans, however, will require all of her considerable skill.

A spot of blackmail should do the trick quite nicely…

And a wee tease...

She mistrusted the gleam in his eyes and the smile on his face. Not in an apprehensive way, because there was no malice in his expression. More a full on, sensual, wicked, "guess what's going to happen next" way. Her juices collected at the neck of her womb and nigh on gushed out of her. With more haste than finesse, Molly held her arms out.

"Good girl."

Girl? He has hit his head perchance? I haven't been a girl for nigh on twenty years. Molly decided she liked it though. The warm look he gave her hinted of all things delicious, and the way he jerked the cravat up over his head before he brought it down and wrapped it round her wrists twice made her shiver in anticipation.

"Do you trust me, Molly? Trust me to give you everything you want and need? For it's many a year since we were intimate and times change. We have changed and you have no way of knowing who I now am, nor what I have become, other than by second hand knowledge." Charles spoke in a serious manner as he knotted the cloth around her wrists and left two long ends dangling.

"Isn't that the same thing, want and need?" She ignored the second half of his pronouncement and honed in on the first.

"Oh no, not by a long shot. You know what you want. I know what you need. Believe me, they are not synonymous. Do you trust me?"

Molly gulped. His face was serious, his voice calm, and only a very faint tremor in his hand showed how he was affected and how much rested on her answer. He was only partially right in his surmise though. Ash had talked about him both during and after their long liaison. Ashley knew Molly and Charles had been close friends, found out how close when he and Molly first came together, and had taken pains to keep her up to date about Charles' solitary life. The only thing he hadn't mentioned had been Miranda. That had been a shock, but it mattered not. She would trust Charles as implicitly as she trusted Ash.

"Of course. Did I not let you bind me? That takes more faith than you will ever know. I don't give up my freedom easily." Molly lifted her tied wrists and let her fingers trail down his arm. "Take me, Charles. Show me what I need and let me be yours." The unspoken words, "just for this once," hung in the air.

You can grab your copy of Miss Simpkins School:Jane at any of the following retailers. 

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Once again, I want to say a big thank you to Raven for taking time to come play with us all today. Any other questions? You can get to know Raven even more intimately (!) over on her own little corner of the internet here. 

And while you're there you can also discover more erotic romances from Raven's extensive back catalogue! 

Happy Reading everyone!

Douglas & Raven.


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