Saturday 26 July 2014

Spanish Heat is now available for early download from

Spanish Heat will be available at all good ebook retailers from August 22nd... BUT, you can pick up your copy now by heading over to Totally Bound's website! And what's more, it is very reasonably priced! A steal at £2.50 (less than a decent cup of coffee, if you can manage to find a decent cup of coffee anymore!).

On Totally Bound's website you can download the format of your choosing, so you can read Spanish Heat on whatever device you've committed yourself too. 

And oh, look, here's the blurb and the cover (that guy on the right, though... it's not just me, is it?)

Jack is looking for a new job and a fresh start, but he finds more than he expected waiting for him under the Spanish sun. 


When Jack Campbell is unceremoniously dumped in favour of his high school best friend, he decides he needs a fresh start. 

He sees an advertisement in The Times. Clark Thomas is looking for a house sitter for his villa in Marbella. In a slightly inebriated state Jack applies, seeing this as the perfect chance to get away from his troubles at home in Glasgow but when he lands in Spain, he finds a lot more than a just job opportunity waiting for him.

Clark has one weekend to show Jack the ropes before he leaves Spain and the memories of his own recent break-up behind for the next nine months, but there’s just something about Jack. Instead of explaining the finer points of Jack’s contract, Clark finds himself introducing the young Glaswegian to some of his favourite Andalucian haunts, and he’s spending more time doing so than is strictly necessary.

There must be something in the Spanish air; all too soon Clark and Jack find themselves struggling to maintain the boundaries of their employer/employee relationship. Jack is behaving in ways he never has before, but knowing that what he is doing is probably wrong doesn’t stop it from feeling right, and might just be about to cause Jack a bigger problem when Monday morning comes around and it is time for Clark to leave.  

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