Friday 1 August 2014

A Two Release Month!

August is going to be a two-release month for me. 

On August 5th, my new novella The Bucket List will be released by Loose Id.

The Bucket List is an M/M erotic novella that tells the story of Kade, a Glaswegian accountant recently dumped by his verbally abusive, long-term boyfriend Niall. 

Kade’s friends think his relationship has caused him to become introverted and stuck in his ways so, to try to help him, they write a bucket list. 

Kade isn’t exactly convinced by this plan, but he reluctantly goes along with it, only to discover it’s true: bucket lists really can change your life. 

The Bucket List will be followed on August 22nd by Spanish Heat. (Although you can already get your hands on a copy via Totally Bound Publishing's Website)

Spanish Heat is an M/M erotic short story that follows Jack, a young man who leaves his hometown of Glasgow and flies to Spain to take a job housesitting. The job was supposed to offer Jack a break from problems back home, but Jack is worried that he’s acted rashly, and the fact that things immediately stop going as planned isn’t helping much with his nerves. 

Spanish Heat is published by Totally Bound Publishing, but was previously released as Business or Pleasure by Silver Publishing. It has been revised and reedited for rerelease. 

I can't wait to share both these stories with you. I hope you're going to love these characters as much as I do. 

Thanks so much again to everyone for your continued support!

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