Monday 4 August 2014

An Interview With Pelaam - Author of Captive!

Today, I have Pelaam, author of Captive, part of the 'Planet Alpha' range published by Evernight Publishing. Check out our interview below! 

Let’s start with the basics. Why write?
I've written since childhood. It's a huge part of who and what I am. If I'm not writing, I'm thinking about writing. Writing comes as naturally as breathing to me.

And why did you write this book? Why now?
I loved Evernight's premise for Planet Alpha. Sci fi is one of my favourite genres in which to write. The lure of warrior aliens was way too much for me to resist. However, this book was also first for me. Captive is my first ménage, an m/m/m, so I was pushing my own boundaries, too.

Are you ever conscious of wanting to share a message through your work? If so, what is it?
I strongly believe in equality and that love is love. That's something I hope can be seen in what I write. 

If I gave you permission to rewrite the first book you ever had published, would you?
Good question. I have voices saying yes and no. I'm really not sure.

Are you the same author now as you were when you started?
No. I feel a lot more mature as a writer. I understand a lot more about the whole process. I'm much more conscious about how I write, as well as what I write.

It’s Friday night and I’m going to give you two hundred quid to spend getting up to whatever mischief you want. Which of your characters are you going to take with you and what are you going to do?
Another difficult one. I'd want to take way too many. But I have a couple of new characters that readers will meet in the near future, Noah and Uther. I would take us out for a meal in a restaurant overlooking the ocean, where we could talk about food and wine while we enjoyed a nice meal.

And finally. In a world where you and your characters co-exist, who would be your best friend, and whose invitation to dinner keeps getting lost in the mail?

I love all my characters – villains not included. So in that sense, I'd never lose anyone's invite. In terms of best friend, probably Ull, one of my demons from a book entitled "Ange et Demon" that was published through Silver Publishing and which is currently awaiting a new publisher to take it on.

Captive is available now. You can grab your copy and check out a free excerpt over on Evernight Publishing's Website

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